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Tuttèpossibile, sailing charter sailing boat or catamaran

Tuttèpossibile organizes holidays sailing the seas of Sardinia, Corsica, the Pontine Islands, Apulia (Tremiti) and Greece. The cruises are organized with a fleet that includes sailboats and catamarans of great charm, with crew and gourmet cuisine of the highest quality, to spend a holiday full of adventure and the open sea.

Our offerings include boarding invidual or hire, charter, lease with or without crew, to enjoy the best cruise and learn the basics of sailing, or traveling with experienced hand in the best of the Mediterranean seas.

Tuttèpossibile organizes weekend, one week cruises, last minute appointments and special offers with cruises especially economic, for a different idea of ​​vacation, for your summer 2011, just around the corner.

News 2014 Bike and Boat in Puglia, from the Valle D'Itria Tremiti Islands, in collaboration with